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February 7, 2012
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Warnings: Yaoi, vampire sexytiems, Twilight bashing and Lovino's ridiculously foul mouth.
Pairing: SpainxRomano


He had tried to sleep, really he did. Of course he knew it would be difficult... but honestly, he didn't know it would be this hard.

Every time he closed his eyes he was plagued with visions of his brother hurt or worse. Every time he would encounter these visions, his eyes would snap open and he would stare into the darkness of the room for what felt like hours, attempting to calm his beating heart.

If he listened close enough, he could hear the voices of the three vampires in the room beside his own. If he listened hard enough he could make out snippets of the conversation... and it didn't look good. From what he could make out, none of the other males seemed to know what to do.

Lovino hated it. He hated the waiting, he hated not knowing anything. He hated everything that was happening and he wished he could just turn back the time and make everything go back to how it was before. When everyone was happy... including himself. Yeah, a few days would be great. He just wanted to get away from the situation.

He had no idea what time it was or how long he had been laying in darkness staring at nothing but he couldn't take it anymore. Sighing, he removed the duvet from himself and stepped on to the plush carpeted floor as he made his way to the door. He listened; the voices had long since gone quiet and for a split second, his heart rate increased as he wondered if he had been left alone. But as he listened closer, he could make out the faint sound of someone shifting their position and Lovino's nerves calmed slightly. He sighed lightly under his breath and reached out for the door handle. He grasped it and pushed, opening the door and he stepped out into the dimly lit living room. Antonio looked up from his book, a curious expression gracing his handsome features and he asked, "Lovino, what's wrong?"

"What do you think?" the Italian mumbled in reply and shuffled towards the couch where the Spanish vampire was sitting. He settled himself beside him and asked, "Where are the other two?"

"Gilbert and Francis? They went out to... you know..."

"Oh... and you didn't go with them?"

Antonio smiled lightly, "I couldn't leave you alone, Lovi."

The Italian blushed a little and huffed under his breath as he turned his head away. The Spaniard's smile remained and he gently moved his arm around the smaller male. Lovino's blush deepened slightly and he began to move away but Antonio took that as his cue to pull the Italian closer to him.

"What the—! Bastard!" Lovino protested and attempted to move away but the vampire held him in a strong embrace, keeping him close to his body. He nuzzled Lovino's brown hair and said in a calm voice, "Just relax... if you cannot sleep in the bedroom then you should try and sleep here with me."

"What? No! Let me go!"

"No, I don't want to. Besides, I like hugging you! My cute little tomato! So adorable when you blush!" Antonio gushed and kissed Lovino's dark hair. Clearly outraged, the smaller male continued to protest against the embrace and his cheeks remained tinged with that dark red blush.

"Let me go! This isn't a good time!"

"But of course it is! Hugs make everything better, no?"

"No! They don't. And I hate hugs. Especially ones from you!"

"You don't mean that."

"I fucking do!"

"I bet you don't."

Lovino huffed and closed his mouth, knowing that they could retort to each other for as long as it took for someone to back down. Being stubborn, Lovino usually wouldn't have gone silent so soon, but he wasn't going to continue lying and tell Antonio that he didn't enjoy his hugs because he did.  Eventually, he stopped struggling and allowed the other male to hold him in his arms, however the Italian's frown and pout remained even though he was comfortable.

Antonio soon realised that the other male wasn't going to move any time soon, so he carefully adjusted their positions so they were lying down on the couch and he kept his arms securely around the other. Lovino couldn't help but feel a sense of security and comfort whenever Antonio held him in his arms.

"You should try and sleep," the Spanish accent sounded softly in his ear. Lovino glanced up at the vampire and was met by twinkling green eyes and that ever-present bright smile. The Italian clicked his tongue in annoyance and rolled his eyes, but glanced over at the clock in the kitchen.



Antonio was right; he really should try and sleep. Antonio had seen the realisation set upon the others face and his smile widened slightly. He grip around the other had tightened ever so slightly and he repeated, "Sleep, you look exhausted..."

Lovino wasn't going to protest because he knew that wasn't a lie. He decided that if he slept, he wouldn't have to listen to the idiot talk anymore so he closed his eyes and attempted to let sleep take him.

With Antonio around, it was easier than being alone. The horrific images of his brother hurt were not as vivid- of course they were still there, but with Antonio with him Lovino felt as though he could surpass them and finally drift into a peaceful sleep.

The vampire's embrace remained strong and protective and soon enough the Italian found himself drifting into a somewhat peaceful slumber.


Lovino awoke the next morning in the same position he had fallen asleep in, which meant that Antonio had not moved all night. He shifted a little and rubbed the sleepiness away from his eyes then yawned behind his hand. He glanced at the time: 11:30am.

It was times like these that Lovino was glad that he didn't have to work.

"Did you stay there all night?" Lovino asked, his voice still thick with sleep. The vampire turned his attention to the Italian human in his arms and he smiled, "Si, of course. I wasn't going to leave you, now was I?"

Lovino blushed, "Well... I don't fucking know..." he huffed under his breath and sat up away from the Spaniard. Antonio chuckled a little and moved a little so they were close again. Lovino opened his mouth to protest but Antonio merely shook his head. The Italian closed his mouth and raised an eyebrow but the vampire smiled again.

"We're alone. Lovi..."

"Yeah so?" Lovino demanded with a blush. "What's that got to do with it?"

"Well... I believe you do owe me something," Antonio said and moved a little closer. He inhaled deeply and a satisfied smile graced his lips. Lovino huffed, knowing what he meant.

"Stop that... it's so creepy..."

"Eh..." Antonio blinked and if he could, he probably would have blushed. "Oh, sorry..."


"So where do you want to do this?" Antonio asked, that bright smile never fading. Lovino blushed again and huffed, standing up and leading the way to the bedroom. He didn't want the potato bastard and the pervert to come back to see Antonio sucking his blood. He didn't trust them; what if they wanted some too? Besides, Ludwig and Matthew had been taken away too so they had to find replacements.

Getting the hint, Antonio stood up quickly and followed the Italian to the bedroom. He closed the door behind them quietly and slid the lock into place, not wanting to be disturbed if Gilbert and Francis came back when he was doing what he needed to do. He turned around to see Lovino had already removed the collar of his shirt and exposed the soft flesh of his neck. Having not had any blood for a while, the vampire licked his lips and quickly sat beside the human. He could barely contain himself, but he forced himself to have some control at least- h didn't want to scare Lovino away.

"May I?" Antonio asked, his green gaze fixed on the Italian's neck, never leaving it as he asked the question. Lovino huffed and clicked his tongue in annoyance but nonetheless gave him the answer he wanted.

"Sure, whatever, just be gentle—ahh!" The Italian hissed in pain as Antonio bit into his neck a little too forcefully. "B-bastard that hurt... be more careful... aahhh..."

Instinctively, the Italian tipped his head to the side and allowed Antonio better access to his neck. His face blossomed into a large blush and he bit his lip to prevent any sounds from escaping. He felt the vampire wrap an arm around his waist, keeping him close and refusing to let go. The sucking still felt good... no scratch that, it felt amazing. Less painful now that before, even though it still stung a bit from where Antonio had bitten him a little too harshly. He felt Antonio shift his position until he was right up close to the Italian and he sucked slowly on the spot on his neck, taking the blood he desperately needed. Lovino's eyes closed a little, his breath coming out harsh and he gripped on to the fabric of Antonio's shirt for support. As good ad this felt, it never failed to make him feel a little faint.

"A-Antonio... ahh..." he tried to say but he all he got in reply was a humming sound from the other male, which felt so good against his neck. Lovino felt the shivers run down his spine and he found he began to feel fainter and fainter. He knew that Antonio had taken a little too much blood and he lightly shoved at the other, hinting that it was time to let go. He knew he was desperate, but he didn't know he was this thirsty.

"H-hey, bastard..." he protested weakly and shoved at his shoulder again softly, "Let go..."

At the words, Antonio seemed to come back to earth and realise that what he was doing wasn't right. He pulled away, earning a small gasp from Lovino as his fangs exited the puncture wounds in the neck. He licked over the wound, closing the wound. He inspected the hickey-like wound and placed a kiss upon it before wiping the blood from his lips and looking over at the Italian. His eyes widened at how pale he seemed to be and how weak he looked. Panic coursed through him and he pulled the other into a hug, "I'm so sorry... Lovino, I didn't mean to take that much. I-I forgot myself momentarily..."

"It's fine, asshole... I don't feel that bad..." Lovino pushed away from the other male again and sat up on his own. True, he didn't feel that bad but the light headedness remained and he ran a hand through his hair. He scoffed a little and mumbled, "Greedy bastard..."

"Are you sure you feel okay?" Antonio asked and cupped the Italian's face in his hands. Pulling his head away from the vampire's grasp, Lovino scoffed again and narrowed his eyes, "I feel fine... just a bit faint... but that happens all the time..."

"I am sorry," The vampire said again, looking sincere. "I honestly didn't mean to take that much blood... forgive me."

"I said I'm fine so stop fucking stressing..."

"Okay... if you say so... but I do insist that you rest some..." Antonio said and gently pushed the Italian back down against the pillows of the bed. Before Lovino could protest, Antonio lay beside him and wrapped his arms around him in a similar position to how they were on the couch that night. He placed a kiss on Lovino's head and cheek, knowing not to kiss his lips after he had taken some blood from him. He knew he disliked the taste of his own blood and Antonio didn't blame him. "I insist that you go back to sleep for a while. I will stay with you."

"I don't know how I can fucking sleep when all I can think about is my brother and whether or not he is alive..."

"He will be fine, Gilbert and Francis have gone to look for clues and what not. If they find anything then they will come back and tell us, I promise."

"I want to help too. Fuck, my brother's gone and I do not want to fucking lie here and sleep!" Lovino snapped and shoved the vampire away as he sat up. Antonio shook his head and pulled him back down beside him with a sigh.

"Please, just stay here and rest some."

"He could be hurt..." Lovino mumbled.

"I know... and Francis and Gilbert will tell me if they find anything that could help us find him..." Antonio smiled and placed another kiss upon the Italian's head. "Just close your eyes and everything will be fine I promise..."

"Sure bastard... whatever you say..." Lovino's eyes fought against the sleep attempting to claim him. Antonio just smiled and continued placing small kisses in Lovino's hair and on his cheeks while he watched him try and stay awake.

"Sleep..." he mumbled quietly and smiled in satisfaction as he watched Lovino's eyes close and finally stay that way. The vampire waited a few moments before he was sure that Lovino was asleep then he moved gently off the bed and unlocked the bedroom door, so that Francis or Gilbert could come and tell them any news. He carefully climbed back on the bed and wrapped his arms around the smaller male. His smile widened when he saw Lovino unconsciously snuggle closer and grip his shirt tightly in one hand as he slept. Antonio had no idea if Lovino was dreaming, but if he was he hoped they were good ones.

He didn't move for over an hour. He mulled everything over in his head. He was going to help Lovino as much as he could, and he was going to help his friends get their own loved ones back. He couldn't help but feel happy that Lovino was still with him. He was very lucky because if he had been taken instead of Feliciano, he didn't know how he would cope. Of course he was still worried for the younger Italian brother... but he was just glad that Lovino was still with him.

The door opened an hour and a half later and Francis and Gilbert walked into the room, both looking serious. Antonio's grip tightened around the sleeping Italian and he asked in a quiet voice, "Well?"

Francis and Gilbert looked at each other then the German vampire decided to break the news, "We think... we think we know who did it..."
i...i cannot even begin to apologise for the wait!! ; A;;;;

I AM SO SORRRYYYY!!! :iconlazycryplz:

i have been promising to update this forever!! promising and promising but never delivering! i bet you guys have lost faith in me now OTL

well, as PROMISED AGES AGO, here's the new chapter... and again i leave a cliffhanger! :icononionfailplz:

i don't know... i can't believe it's almost been 2 months. OMG. OTL I AM SO SORRYHVHGBNVHGCYT!!!

this will NOT happen again. weekly updates will continue as normal. i will admit that christmas and examsn and a new semester got in the way butbcygtchjghfy it's not an excuse really ; A;;;;


i love you alll :heart: ; n;;;;
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but i'm glad you're happy! :iconbrohugplz:
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