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February 11, 2012
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Warnings: Yaoi, vampire sexytiems, Twilight bashing and Lovino's ridiculously foul mouth.
Pairing: SpainxRomano


Antonio stared at his two friends wide eyed; they had found out. They had found out sooner than he had expected. Either they were very good at detective work or the culprit was very bad at staying hidden.

"You… have found out?"

"Well… I said we think we know," Gilbert said and looked at the sleeping Italian beside his Spanish friend. Antonio too turned his gaze to Lovino and the look in Gilbert's eyes told him that this couldn't wait until he woke up on his own. Slowly, Antonio adjusted his position and gently shook Lovino's shoulder.

"Lovi… wake up…"

The Italian groaned as h began to stir; he moved his hand to swat weakly at the vampire's chest, attempting to get him to leave him alone. Antonio chuckled lightly, but didn't let that deter him. He shook the Italian's shoulder once again, this time slightly harder, "Lovino, wake up. This is important…"

"Fuck off…"

"Lovino, it's about your brother…"

At those words, the Italian pretty much jerked awake and looked at the other male with wide eyes. He didn't know how to feel. Shock and relief was definitely some of the emotions he was feeling right now but also fear was clear in his eyes. Antonio smiled softly and nodded towards Gilbert, "They say they think they know who's behind this…"

"Who? I need to know!" Lovino looked over at the two other males in the room. Francis looked worried and Gilbert's eyes held an emotion that Lovino couldn't place. The self-proclaimed Prussian sat on the bed, Francis taking a place beside him, and his turned his ruby eyes to Antonio.

"Toni, you told him the story of how we got turned?"

"Si, I told him a while ago…"

"The full story?"

"Well… I didn't mention names…"

Gilbert nodded and got himself comfortable on the bed. Lovino was confused. He remembered the story; in fact, he didn't know how he could forget something like that. He remembered every emotion he felt because of that story and he remembered exactly what happened. If he felt that way after hearing just half the story, he couldn't even imagine how he would feel if he heard the whole thing. However, if this was a clue to helping find his brother then he found that he would have no choice. Things were just getting worse and worse with each passing minute and he just hoped that he could do something about it sooner rather than later.

He turned his gaze to the two vampires in front of him. He narrowed his eyes when they remained silent, "Well don't just fucking sit here. Spit it out, because I'm dying to know."

Antonio frowned at the tone of voice the human adopted and said, "Lovi…"

"If this is important and it helps find my fratello then I would love for them to tell me, instead of just sitting there!" Lovino spat; he was frustrated, tired and anxious. This was not doing any good for his nerves. In fact, this was just making everything ten times worse!

Gilbert shifted uncomfortably and for once he didn't look confident. He sighed under his breath and ran a hand through his silvery hair, then glanced over at the Italian again and began to talk, "Toni told you what happened… about how we were turned."

"About how you turned them more like…" Lovino huffed, earning yet another frown from Antonio. Gilbert just rolled his eyes and held his tongue. He didn't want to start a fight now.

"Sure whatever… anyway… I had been bit for a while… well a few weeks before I told Antonio and Francis what had happened," he paused for a moment to gather his thoughts, "I wanted my revenge without getting them involved…"

"Killing the vampire that killed your girlfriend, right?" Lovino asked and Gilbert's eyes flashed dangerously.

"She was not my girlfriend."

"Oh yeah, you weren't good enough."

Gilbert growled under his breath, "You little shit, how dare you—"

"Okay, guys... don't fight! Please… this isn't the time or the place!" Antonio quickly intervened, wrapped his arm around Lovino and pulling him slightly closer. Lovino glared at Gilbert, who returned it just as viciously but otherwise the two of them didn't say a word. Francis shook his head at the two of them and muttered under his breath, but no one really paid him much attention.

"Continue Gilbert. Please…" Antonio encouraged, smiling a small smile at his friend. Rolling his eyes, the albino huffed once more but continued his story nonetheless.

"Well I got my revenge and shit two weeks after the death of Elizabeta and Roderich… the vampire's name was Ivan. He was from Russia or something and he was an asshole. Not just because he killed my friends… he just really was an ass. I hated him… I still do even though he is dead."

"So why did he kill Elizabeta? Did he hate you or something?" Lovino asked.

"I dunno, I think the attack was spontaneous. Y'know I was still human at the time, so he took the opportunity to attack us. And yeah, he left me alive and shit… but turned me like him which was totally unawesome."

Lovino rolled his eyes at the word 'unawesome', but held his tongue and allowed the albino to continue.

"But yeah, it took a while and I finally got my revenge and shit… and then you know the rest. I told Francis and Antonio what happened and then yeah…" Gilbert looked away and rubbed the back of his neck. Lovino frowned as he tried to make sense of what Gilbert was trying to tell him.

"Okay so wait, you got your revenge and stuff by killing this guy and now… what? He's come back from the dead or some shit?" Lovino raised an eyebrow; yes this was very unlikely but he still didn't understand what Gilbert was getting at. The albino shook his head at the question.

"No, the fuckers stays dead!" he snapped, his voice harsh as hatred flashed in his red eyes. Lovino said nothing in return; he merely waited for Gilbert to continue. So far he wasn't feeling encouraged because right now, the information that Gilbert had given him meant absolutely nothing and at the moment, it gave him no clue as to who took his brother and where they took him.

Gilbert paused again and after a moment, he continued, "We moved away… but after a while she found us. She said she could never forgive us for what we did and she would have her revenge. She thought Francis and Antonio helped me, even though they knew nothing about it until I told them after I'd already killed him."

"Who is she?" Lovino asked, now feeling anxious.

"Her name's Natalia. She's Ivan's sister. She's scary as fuck and I think she's finally getting her revenge."

"It's taken her this long to do something… I think she's been planning it…" Francis spoke up finally and looked at the three males. "She still believes that Antonio and I played a part in Ivan's death… so maybe she was waiting for the right time to carry out her plan."

"It's been years, why wait now?" Antonio asked. He ran a hand through his hair, "Why didn't we realise this sooner?"

"It's all right, mon cher. Please don't worry yourself. Be glad that we have figured it out now before it's too late," Francis reassured.

Antonio relaxed slightly, but Francis' words of reassurance did nothing for how Lovino was feeling right now. So this scary-ass bitch had somehow managed to take his brother. But how could she have taken the potato bastard too?

"How the fuck did she manage to kidnap your brother. I'm not gunna lie but he isn't exactly small," Lovino asked, an expression of disbelief crossing his features. For a moment, the three vampires seemed to consider this, knowing the human among them had a valid point.

"Perhaps she isn't working alone," Francis offered and that seemed to be the only logical explanation. Gilbert seemed to accept it and so did Antonio, which meant Lovino had no choice but to accept it too. To be honest, he really wouldn't be surprised if she herself managed to kidnap Feliciano; hell, a five year old could kidnap his fratello if they really wanted to. Lovino mentally sighed at the thought then turned his attention back to the others.

"And we still don't know where she's keeping them… presuming she is behind this?" Antonio asked. For the entire conversation, he had kept his arm around Lovino, never once letting go. Lovino appreciated the comfort, but he didn't dare say it out loud. Of course, Antonio already knew this.

"No, not yet… but now we have an idea of who took them we can start to look," Francis said. He looked over at the Italian and said, "Antonio, I suggest that you keep Lovino with you at all times."

"I plan to…" the Spaniard nodded and tightened his grip again slightly. Lovino blushed in embarrassment and shoved at the vampire, attempting to force him to release his grip, even if it was just a little. Francis nodded.

"Good… just in case she does realise that she has taken the wrong person."

"You think she would send someone to come back for him?" Antonio asked, looking fearful. Lovino felt equally afraid, but he tried his best not to show it. Francis shrugged.

"Maybe… I don't know. I can assume that he might."

"What… what would she do to my brother if she found out he wasn't me?" Lovino asked. Antonio averted his gaze and Gilbert looked uncomfortable. Francis cleared his throat and replied, "Well… I can safely assume that the outcome would... um… would not be good."

Lovino felt his blood run cold. She would kill him, wouldn't she? Now they were up against the clock. They had to find Feliciano before this Natalia chick found out he wasn't who he thought he was. She could find out tomorrow. She could find out next week. Hell, she could even find out within the next few minutes. He didn't know when she would find out… he didn't even know if Feliciano knew what was going on. The idiot would probably give himself away! He probably didn't even realise how much danger he was in! Lovino's heart beat increased and the nervousness at the pit of his stomach became unbearable. Antonio took note of this and looked at the two other vampires. Gilbert and Francis looked at each other and quickly they left the room. As soon as the door was shut, Lovino turned to Antonio and looked at him desperately, "We have to find him. Now!"

"I know… and we will, I promise," Antonio said softly and gently cupped Lovino's cheeks in his hands. He looked into his worried eyes and smiled gently, "We will find him, Lovino. You have to trust and believe us, okay?"

"I-I know, bastard!" Lovino pulled his face away from Antonio's grip, his cheeks burning red. The vampire's smile never faded, it remained soft and calm and even though Lovino was panicking, he felt his heart rate slowly calm at the sight of that smile.

"I've told you that everything will be okay… all you have to do is believe that."

Lovino paused. He knew Antonio was right; he had no choice but to believe him. He had to trust that everything would be okay. He had to trust Gilbert and Francis too; he had no choice in the matter.

He had no choice but to hope they would come through for him and help find his brother.

He felt useless. He wanted to help… he wanted to help and he decided that he was going to.

"I will find Feliciano," He said, determination shining in his eyes. "I have to. I can't just sit here and fucking wait!"

"I know," Antonio smiled, leaning forward to place a kiss on Lovino's head. The Italian blushed at the gesture and glanced at the vampire.

Antonio smiled that perfect smile and his green eyes were bright with adoration, "We'll do this together, okay?"

Lovino looked down. He had no choice.

fufufu~ so it's Natalia~ i love her, she's crazy! everyone who said Ivan... well you were close! :'D <333

anyway!! what is this?! i waited almost 2 months to update ch 17 and now i've waited, what.... a few days!! : o

i guess this is me making it up to you guys, my way of saying sorry for the long wait!!

anyway i don't have much to say here... except that i am now going to bed... maybe... if tumblr will let me.

which reminds me, if you haven't seen my journal you should follow me on tumblr~ [link]
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