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Submitted on
November 11, 2011
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Warning: Cardverse!AU featuring crazy!England


They used to be so happy.

It was a year ago today when it happened. Arthur remembered it clearly. He remembered how much it had hurt; he remembered how his heart felt as though it were physically being ripped in half when his husband uttered the words to him. He thought the pain he felt within those three seconds may very well kill him. Even the fires of Hell would not hurt as much as this. It was those four words which caused Arthur to do what he did.

Those four words changed everything.

I don't love you.

Arthur remembered how he had begged. He had promised he would change, he would promise to be a better husband; he had promised to be a better Queen to the King. But Alfred had shaken his head. He had said no. He wouldn't allow it. He had made his decision and he would never back down on it.

Arthur had cried like he had never cried before. How could this be happening? This couldn't be happening, not to him. Alfred loved him. He knew he did. He was just blinded. Yes, that was it. He was blinded and he couldn't see. He couldn't see that he loved him and the words he uttered were not at all true.

And then he was angry. Oh, he was so very angry. How dare his Alfred say this to him! Alfred was nothing without him! Nothing! This Kingdom could not work without a King and a Queen, together... ruling side by side, happy and harmonious. Arthur would not allow Alfred to walk away from him. He would not allow him to walk away from what they had and what they could have in the future. They were a team; they ruled the Kingdom together.

He would never allow him to leave.

Then Arthur had uttered the words... words that Alfred could not understand. The words were of a foreign tongue, words of ancient origin. Arthur was enraged when he uttered them. Arthur was angry.

Arthur would not loose his husband; he would not loose the love of his life. He would not loose his King- his brave, heroic, loyal King. No, he would not allow that to happen.

The spell was cast.

Arthur changed how he felt. Arthur changed his emotions. Arthur changed his memories. He looked down at the unconscious body of his lover and he laughed. He laughed hard until tears formed in his emerald eyes. He cradled Alfred in his arms, gently rocking back and forth. His eyes never left his face; he never stopped looking at his beautiful love. It was done; he would never leave him. Arthur had made sure of that.

He would never be betrayed again.

When Alfred awoke a few hours later, he looked at his Queen with such adoration and love in his eyes, Arthur knew that he would never leave now.

"What happened?" Alfred had said, "I remember talking to you and then... nothing..."

"Do not worry yourself, love," Arthur had said soothingly, adopting a calm facade. "You just took a nasty fall, that's all. You may have bumped your head a little too hard, but it's all right, sweetheart. I'm right here." It was a stupid excuse, an excuse that no one should believe but Alfred.

"Oh, okay... good," Alfred had accepted what Arthur had told him, and why shouldn't he? He was his now, wasn't he? Arthur knew that Alfred would never try to leave him again. Arthur had smiled. He never wanted to experience that kind of pain again. He never wanted to feel as though his heart was being torn into a thousand little pieces.

Arthur was a changed man after that; he grew paranoid and he kept Alfred in his sight at all times. Some of the servants found it a little odd, but no one knew what happened that night. Even Alfred didn't know. Arthur alone bore the memories of the night Alfred tried to leave him and only Arthur would live with what he had done. Alfred was never allowed to stray too far from his Queen. Arthur's spell wouldn't let him, but the King was oblivious to this.

And now, a year on, Arthur watched the sleeping face of his husband. He looked angelic when he slept, Arthur wouldn't deny that. His hand gently stroked the golden locks of his husband's hair, over and over it went in a soothing motion; the same motion that had lulled his King to sleep. The Queen's emerald eyes never left the man's face.

He smiled ever so slightly, "You will never leave me again."

He leaned down, placing a kiss on his King's tanned skin.

"You will never hurt me again."

He moved his hand to gently caress his husband's cheek.

"You are mine. Forever."
So I was looking through my documents and I found this. And then I remembered how much I love crazy!England and the cardverse!AU xD So I tweaked this a little (it still sucks) and decided since I haven't published USUK for a while, this couldn't hurt.

So basically... Alfred announced that he was going to leave Arthur and Arthur didn't like it, so he cast a spell on Alfred to keep him under his control 8D

Are Revolutionary ideas, present? Pffft

But yeah... I'll just go back into my hole and continue being a creeper... :B
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i will rip you and pull you away from your life,
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England should have done this during the Revolution!
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He should have xD
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